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Yanqing Baili landscape gallery forest Marathon

2015, Beijing Yanqing Baili landscape gallery, forest marathon successfully came to a close. For 2000 runners, this forest marathon brought them a completely new experience and different experience. For example, the track is beautiful, such as the competition package, such as the Olympic champion Service Award... Of course, the marathon competition hosted by Macondo culture is not more than that.

1, the package: tolerance is
reporters have participated in less than 5 major runners. Their bags are nothing more than routine items such as running T-shirt, number cloth, timing chip, competition order book and so on. But in the forest marathon, in addition to these conventional items, the players were prepared for vaseline and band aid. Because of the unpredictable weather in the mountains, in order to prevent rain, there are even raincoats in the bags. In the collection of the competition bag, there is a careful point of the running friends, "it is true that it is all over the face, too many things are complete, there is no idea."

besides the regular items such as running T - shirts, number books, chips and so on, the organizers have also prepared Vaseline, band aid, raincoat and so on.

2, all the people involved in the upstream project:

with the more and more marathon races, some marathons are starting to set the threshold for the players, such as many marathons to cancel half the distance, only the whole journey. It also allows some players only half horse power horse looked helplessly. In order to get more people to participate, and to make more people love running, the forest marathon includes half a marathon, 5 kilometers and 11 kilometers, two projects. Among them, 5 kilometers also encouraged parents to run, a family on the runway, not to mention a lot of fun.

3, track: high and low scenery picturesque

's marathon in the city, on both sides of the road, in addition to high buildings or high buildings, will make the players feel boring. The forest marathon is quite different. The track selection is the best part of the Baili gallery. The road is picturesque on both sides of the road. High mountains, majestic and upright, low water, clear bottom. The sunflower, corn, and sorghum are gradually coming into the eye, and they seem to be in a dream. Unlike the city marathon cautiously, forest marathon track road, also up the hill and down the mountain. The combination of the three types of roads makes the pace of the players no longer monotonous. The running of the runway is like the road of life, and it is high and low. Upwards, steady and steady, down, as well.

4, star lineup: helping the Winter Olympic stars bright

Beijing and Zhangjiakou are going to meet the Winter Olympics in 2022, and Yanqing is the main venue for the Winter Olympics. In this forest marathon, the sponsor Macondo culture specially invited Han Xiaopeng, the champion of the Turin Winter Olympic Games in 2006, to give the award to the runners. In addition to Han Xiaopeng, three gymnastic Olympic champion Jang Yilin, >

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