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Germany famous glasses brand MYKITA and fashion media HIGHSNOBIETY launched joint cooperation. HIGHSNOBIETY also from Berlin in Germany, recently MYKITA and HIGHSNOBIETY jointly stationed in Berlin, an office building and contributed to the cooperation between the two sides, which is an important project to commemorate the creation of HIGHSNOBIETY 10th anniversary. This use of MYKITA type ATKA mirror design, black tortoiseshell frame plus stainless steel mirror combination arm, the price is $400, limited to 300 pairs in the world. The new adidas Originals series of does not show the same "live in the details" chic and elegant Street creativity Jan Lamb, Pakho Chau, Lu Kaitong - now on D-mop Adidas and Originals Shop - detailed debut Clover recently a team of 76 people against the heat of the game, 76 players on the foot of a Luo Teng very special customized shoes, this Air Jordan 12 "Sixers" from our custom for having heard it many times big Mahce, shoes with Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game" as the blueprint, the original book black shoes and the tongue part is transformation of team 76 blue, the overall effect is very eye-catching. 2012-3-23 08:50 upload download attachment (85.44 KB) Jordan Brand will release four latest color shoes, and named Jordan Legend TR. Shoes with synthetic leather and mesh material continues the Jordan TR series has always been a lightweight body concept, shoe buckle leather and suede shoes with perforated lace holes two wearing style but also more to bring the wearer lock down foot. The shoes will Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale be on sale at 2012 on sale and are expected to cost $110.Early in early March, NEW BALANCE facilitate London hosted the 2012 exhibition of new products, which in addition to exhibit some of the Olympic Games-inspired style outside, but together show a preview of the new fall and winter quarters, for you fans is definitely a feast for the eyes of the show. have paid attention to the last time the show reported friends should be noted that, among them, called & quot; FARMERS MARKET & quot; of M577 series to New Balance Flimby Factory Location Cumbria (Cumbria) for the creation of points, and farming and other industries in the Cumbria region also has a dominant position, in view of this, this M577 series has also been named as & quot; FARMERS MARKET & quot ;, color, fabric course, inseparable from farmers, animal husbandry and other industries color. Here to talk about the topic, once seen on a website (depending forgotten), said that there are some farmers are New Balance shoes and equipment for the job, it is reported that the shoes also said that farmers are very practical, strong but relatively lightweight and more able to put on a few years to buy a pair of argument. If true, then they should have to support what this pair FARMERS MARKET M577 it ... & nbsp; Source: OVERKILLInterpretation controlled charm Nike SB Eric Koston 2013-12-08 22:09:40 Nike Action Sports Nike SB Eric Koston season launch skateboard shoes. As legendary skater Eric Koston's first signature Nike shoe, he personally involved in the design of shoes and more than twe cheap air jordans nty years of experience into one slide. Excellent ability to control is laid out Eric Koston pole position in the skateboard industry, and the perfect combination of cushioning technology and flexible response is given skateboard shoes Nike SB Eric Koston unparalleled control performance. Nike SB Eric Koston skateboard shoes use the Low Ride Lunarlon technology to make shoes lighter, while enhancing cushioning properties, and does not affect the pedal to the touch; TPU reinforced suede uppers and toe seamless design ensures wear shoes more durable, simple color also easy to match; cup-shaped outsole structure, bringing vulcanized shoes like touch panel experience; to create a sole designed for skateboarding, skateboarding effectively enhance the ability to control. technological innovation and top athletes Nike Action Sports team is proud of a valuable asset. Through constant communication with the athletes to convey their ideas, invite contracted riders involved in the design signature paragraph. In addition, thanks to the convenience of technology, Nike Action Sports will slide into the shoe cushioning, control and induction of three types, for different types of skateboard enthusiasts to provide more suitable choice, stay tuned. & nbsp; Nike SB Eric Koston, male models, RMB 969[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in Chinese sports market, Nike is undoubtedly the first echelon, these international giants Adidas, Li Ning, belong to the second tier, Anta, Erke, special steps, 361 degrees is the third echelon. strictly speaking, Li jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black Ning, the second echelon little lonely, a little embarrassed. Because there is pressure resistant Kee Di, under Anta, special steps to catch up. However, it is seeking to survive in the cracks like this, Li Ning still survived, but so far, he is not easy to live. catch in the gap in the Nike Nike, Adidas because the rich and powerful, often generous sign sports stars to enhance their brand image. First look at the Nike spokesperson lineup, Bryant basketball field, James, Anthony, Parker et al., Football fields C Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Drogba, etc., tennis Nadal, Maria Sharapova, these spokesmen covering almost the topmost star fields. Adidas football series spokesperson Kaka, Raul, Zidane, Messi and so on. Li Ning actually start from the beginning when he started imitating Nike, Adidas, and have chosen this road sub endorser. However, limited funds and strength, can only sign star time level. Such as Shaquille O'Neal, Turner, Jones. Although O'Neal earlier very well-known, but nearly retirement age, contribution of Li Ning is not a lot. Turner, Jones is well-known too, which makes Li Ning's international reputation is difficult to upgrade, it is difficult to the pursuit of sports fans. "But endorsements sponsor just one hand, on the other hand is an international channel of international, institutional, human resources and internationalization of international products, a few complementary need now signed a lot of Olympic star, but it can be regarded as an international brand it? "Li Ning fans, shoes collectors Andy on the" Investor Retro jordans for sale News "reporter said. And for product development, and Nike, Adidas and other compared to Li Ning specializes in search of inspiration from Chinese elements in innovation, always in the forefront of innovation, such as clothes with a Chinese dragon game, "Red Cliff" cultural shoes, "Zhong Kui" basketball shoes, "a cloud" basketball shoes, shoes, etc. These are elements of Lei Feng in China and oriental culture derived. Therefore, Li Ning and not to Adidas, Nike sign of weakness, but actively take the initiative to get the creative elements from the local culture. "Lei Feng 001 is my favorite Li Ning products, final version after several modifications eventually became the 001 service for the people, designer old left is my good friend. This product is not only oriental elements, but also reflect the creativity, And it is this idea appeals to me. I want to say is, bring oriental elements should not just think of what painting, China and India, tripod and some other things, all Chinese elements around us, Oriental elements. "Andy said. . However, there is no continuity Li Ning products is a big mistake. For example, a while ago, Li Ning main push 001 series, not a lot of people concerned. The same thing happened several times in the Li Ning body, each main product to hit one or two years, and then for a product line, there is no continuity, only the point, no faces. "but like a shell head AF1 Adidas and Nike are many years of historical heritage. Much deeper connotation to the product, the brand's heritage and it is a product of the accumu cheap foamposites lation in the accumulation of an up." Andy said. In the international context, Adi First, personnel, technology, channel edge and brand, Li Ning and Adidas can not say from the outset on a starting line. But Li Ning be done well, but Li Ning slightly instant success. "Li Ning is now the failure is a failure product positioning Ning wanted to impact brands, but also for the young market, so they changed a lot of brand content, resulting in the loss of the original number of customer groups, while their brand in the consumer Li Ning's brand awareness and want to achieve a position of a gap, resulting in a new target customers do not buy it. "Andy said. From the brand positioning point of view, Nike, Adidas from its inception, to focus on the campaign, which seize the field of sport that more and more people to pay attention and focus on the people who love sports to provide sports equipment. "Every one of their shoes, each with a garment, is supported by research, testing, improvement, and finally into the market." Sports insiders who asked not to be named, he said. But now Nike, Adidas is poised to take off, it has been resorted to suppress local brands trump card: the first to enter the four-tier cities; the second is the price; the third to grab the channel market. "In fact, Nike, Adidas, Li Ning attaches great importance to this competition, every week they have to see sales of Li Ning, Li Ning, because after all, there are more than 80 billion a year in sales, and then not have foundation in." The above anonymous Sports industry in jordan 3 katrina 2018 siders said. is "Jinjiang help" break-neck "Li Ning" brand creation is because the founder Li Ning ideals. His ideal is to do a great Chinese sports brand. Moreover, Li Ning, Li Ning, the spirit of sport integrated into corporate cultures, so that every employee can understand the spirit of sport. Li Ning also knew that need professional people to help take care of their own business, have long started to cultivate successors, so Li Ning is the first established professional person management team of entrepreneurs. And Anta, like most companies because it originated in Jinjiang is the industry collectively referred to as "Jinjiang help." These enterprises mostly OEM business background, in low-end chain, after the financial strength, etc., began to apply their own brand, and then find a bunch of stars in the CCTV advertising, development agents, and gradually grow up. This is a form of pure business, they are characterized by what money can do, but the problem is more serious family business. Andy Jinjiang enterprises for just a short-term effect of the pursuit of behavior is very good. "They have many Chinese enterprises common problem is the quick success, the blind money smashed star endorsements, and then step by step introduction of the concept of accumulation of several fuzzy technology, Chinese companies still need steadfast." Andy said. "Jinjiang enterprise management mode current franchisees sometimes makes me feel back of the small farmer, clan, village, etc., as an associated company Anta push mode does not rule out a dev jordans on sale online elopment direction, but now it seems a bit like a transfer risks . "said the sports industry insiders said on condition of anonymity," Li Ning's DNA, and Jinjiang business is different, whether it is the founder and enterprises, who still flowing blood sport, you see the world brand Adidas, Nike, no one is hanging trying to sell them, and all have a deep understanding of the motion. " But now Jinjiang help companies began a meteoric rise, Li Ning had a crush trend. 2010 Li Ning, Anta profits are over, also with famous overseas Chinese CBA Anta before. Li Ning has always considered himself a great ideal of sports brands, they are despised only shoe Jinjiang footwear business, but in recent years had been looking at the performance of his own little brother's competitors by leaps and bounds, even more than their own time, my heart is always sour. Frustratingly, his management team and not live up to expectations. "today is the most should be that we want consumers to find a synonym for instance, basketball and the NBA is Nike, football and major European leagues is Adi Li Ning to find him synonymous." The anonymity of the industry sources said. How to find a synonym, is a return to the sport itself, return to the domestic market, Li Ning's marketing should continue to highlight the advantages of the project, such as: a small ball, gymnastics, running and other projects. In short, referring to what could be thought of Li Ning, Li Ning is LINING instead. As for the channel, goods, marketing, operations, etc. are closely interlinked. "Li jordans on sale mens Ning, Anta and other than the fact you want to upgrade Jinjiang system much easier, but since 2006, Li Ning in self-expansion, so many people within the company out of the market, and now need to return to the Li Ning is the time." The anonymity The insiders said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) yesterday was first exposed this GS fund 1 KYRIE. And today, shoes already by Nike official officially released, this is also following the previous Kobe, LeBron 12 and KD 7, nike basketball signature shoe pushed GS matching funds; the KYRIE 1 named color'SATURDAYS'and inspiration from Owen childhood love to watch animation program, in the choice of color is quite playful, blue purple yellow color combination quite bright; June 13, officially on sale, the item 717219-700. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life!, following an earlier Jenkem magazine in New York, filmed a DESTORY called SKATE &... THE YEEZY 350 "skateboard video," Can It Skate recently re released the first episode? "Video series, the classic Gucci loafers as the experimental target, to see what kind of shoes can be used to step on board. Video by Alex Raspa palm mirror shooting material often one hour, recorded the occupation rider B air jordan 11 space jam for sale youn from Gucci Jason; in the boutique, bought a pair of value of $500 (including tax) $ Gucci loafers, New York district to the whole process of sliding between the shuttle, attracted passers-by crowd feel unbelievable, think "even with a $500 Gucci skateboarding is crazy", Doug rubber loafers soles with excellent friction, even the designers did not think this pair of shoes is indeed can be used to "slip". By the way, the background music is Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl". Interested friends may refer to the video below. Air Jordan 1 High series of shoes in the sale this year the number has not in the past, replica is more waves, but the number is limited?! Recently Air Jordan Retro High OG 1 "Metallic Red" also broke the engraved message. Born in 1985 in the first year as the color of shoes, many senior Jordan fans very weight of a, the re launched for sale, design is still a continuation of the many details of OG shoes, but the material has been greatly upgraded! It is reported that Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG; "Metallic Red" in May 6th officially launched the sale, interested friends may wish to pay attention to us later more public will be gathered in the eyes of Yeezy Season 5 and Yeezy Runner will be published when the above Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is also taking advantage of the launch of the new style. Unlike previous series of shoes, the shoes with white body with black stripes, rather than a single color design vamp, so there is a "Zebra" name, with the word "SPLY-350" red embellishment, this pair of Yee buy cheap jordans online zy Boost 350 V2 "Zebra" visual sense and other series products there is a different feeling. And with white as the design of spindle, also be following "Triple White" hind, series shoe model uses white shoe second times. adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Zebra" is expected to release in February 25th, priced $220, is believed by many geological researchers do not want to miss the shoe of a pair of shoes, if there is a sale of Taiwan news we will share listing reporting to you. source: Sneaker News / Adidas Originals will soon enter the end of a year, followed by the Chinese Lunar New Year is also meet, also recently launched John Wall Adidas exposure for 2 years of the zodiac version, printed on the upper full version of ape totem, create image and unrestrained enthusiasm of the monkey, the Ontario can also be seen in this series of brand to present the technique. Although days before the Internet came John Wall and Adidas contract expires at the end of September did not extend cooperation, nothing in this series of J Wall 2 temporarily ended; but now he continues with adidas shoes match, and the news that he is going to in the next season before conversion of brand endorsements, maybe this year is double Limited is the chance to debut on schedule. source: Hupuadidas originals YEEZY BOOST 750 "Light Grey" will be listed at the end of the week, earlier many shops have been open for sign, also have the real network and according to appear in the official before the draw may follow, we take a look at this pair of shoes is a light, feel the high tube shoes and low wear of the cylinder different, although the 750 has been on sale of other color, but for all the more novel should be the luminous bottom, whether you like it or don't love Yeezy shoes, there is no denying that he has formed a new trend in the shoes with luminous ring, single function, small individuals feel seems to have with the street fashion the more links, if you are interested, may wish to take off, after class to vote sign! source: SoleBoxAir Zoom Huarache 2K4 Huarache into the design concept, set in boots with both sides of the hollow structure in the basket under the protection of the ankle to give enough flexible space, plus the bottom Zoom Air technology, with the advent of with its excellent practical performance and a lot of fans and friends of the heart, called the Nike team of basketball shoes in the classical model, which is since 2012 after the brand again for us engraved this pair of black and yellow version of the style. The ankle straps describe the shoes are designed to impress the year, such as Kobe or NCAA University's exclusive player version even different name, and through a suede shoe body in today's science and technology many generations look more attractive, has been for sale abroad, priced at 150 dollars. source: NikeDamian Lillard will break the NBA star game history was held this year, he will attend the athletics all official players participate in the game, NBA Instagram put on his practice film, although funny ingredients, but from the alliance specifically for his film and on the latest issue of Slam magazine, you can feel at present, his high popularity, he is able to record in this journey you may wish to wait and see how much glory left. source: Slam magazine / NBAadidas for the first time D Lillard 1 and Damian Lillard home from the clothing brand Oaklandish cooperation. Oaklandish is not only a brand, for the local public welfare funds investment is very enthusiastic. Therefore, this business has received many Bay Area awards, even in 2013 named Small Business, of, the, Year, by, Legislature, the, California, State, and so on. With such a special background, the idea behind D Lillard 1 can be better communicated. In addition to the use of brand recognition color, tongue and insole with Oaklandish Logo, with suede and leather shoes which is printed with the sole, making brand motto 'All Gas, No Brakes ". D Lillard 1 'Oaklandish' is currently expected to be listed abroad at 9/10 on and Eastbay. source: Sole Collector if Adidas The Kobe Adidas, Kobe Bryant and Audi show the characteristics of the three party, the The Kobe Two off stage and further interpretation of the aesthetics of inspiration obtained from the car. adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-1adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-1 adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-11adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-11 adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-5adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-5 adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-8adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-8 The Kobe series is similar to that of Kobe Bryant himself, always let people hate. Since the The Kobe model is quite special, we still can't forget the original design. The Kobe Two is built on a very smooth profile, the hidden shoelace for more concise vamp feeling, the rest of the details to the car still remains, and trying to make it more streamlined. adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-3adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-3 kobe_99_2-Frobe-1200kobe_99_2-Frobe-1200 is also the most characteristic is to be followed by the "Frobe" Logo, the Kobe was inspired by the head shape soft fu. also because of this interesting appearance, when many people also called "The Kobe Two" as "bread shoes". Kobe Bryant, in addition to passing through the host guest house and All-Star, the most special "American Flag" version, the body directly printed on the United States flag. But that year, when the playoffs, Kobe did not continue to wear The Kobe Two, but chose to use a The Kobe, this move seems to imply that the subsequent problems arising from the adidas. adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-13adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-13 adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-12adidas-The-Kobe-Two-PE-12 adidas-The-Kobe-〉 belongs to the James Harden's personal signature shoes yet to debut before the first Adidas brand recently launched Adidas Crazylight Boost his 2015 PE, white tone is very elegant, only for Adidas Logo using black as the ornament, in the vision back to the pure sense of the natural beauty of lines. This James Harden exclusive style is only limited to launch 100 pairs, each set of special shoebox are marked with an independent limit number. Kicks On Fire ? adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 'Triple White' will be sold abroad at on December 17th, priced at $140. source: adidas Hoops

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